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Sound Automation Tool converts WAV/MP3/AIF files to streaming or event based SWF sound files, with user specified bitrate, frequency, quality and sound modes. Its main features include converting hundreds of sound files at a time, MP3 resampling, volume scaling, sound recording, creating streaming/event based SWF sound files, batch processsing, built-in ftp client to automate uploads, easy-to-use GUI, highest compression rate/quality,and more...

Publisher description

"SWF Sound Automation Tool v2.7" designed as a powerful and user-friendly tool that will enable you to convert MP3, WAV and AIF files to streaming or event based SWF sound files. Latest updates in this version are as following; AIF format support (standard audio format of Macintosh computers) Volume scaling (increase/decrease volume of SWFs) ATH masking (create smaller SWFs by removing sounds below absolute treshold of hearing) Proxy server support for built-in ftp client Integrated Flash player Main features of SWF Sound Automation Tool v2.7 are: Conversion of MP3/WAV files to Streaming or Event Based SWF sounds. Resampling of MP3 files Creating SWF Sound Libraries Recording via a microphone and direct conversion to SWF Selecting hundreds of sound files at a time for conversion Easy-to-use interface FTP server file uploads XML based project creation High compression rate Can run as a batch process Ability to convert more than 100 files in just 5 minutes "SWF Sound Automation Tool v2.7" intended to be used by all levels of web designers; beginner, intermediate and professional Macromedia Flash users, Flash game programmers and Online education companies...

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